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ICT Downloads - (Save your downloaded file(s) to the C:\temp folder,  double click on the downloaded file to run  setup.
Accept the default wizard settings)

AES Address Book  (.pst file)



AES address book  (Excel format)



AES Address Book  (CSV DOS format)


AES Address Book  (CSV win format)



 pst file for importing into Outlook.Refer Fact Sheet for importing Address Book.

Excel format. Print or save as an Excel file

CSV file for use with Edmail. Refer to Edmail User Guide (See your resource centre staff member). (updated 260207)

Stinger Virus Removal Tool

Link to the McAfee Stinger removal tool - run from the download location

Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 Acrobat Reader 6.0 for reading PDF files.

PDF file maker       PDF Printer file

Freeware software that allows you to create PDF files.  Refer Fact Sheet for creating PDF files

Terminal Server Disk 1   Disk 2

 Download both disks. Refer Fact Sheet for  setup of Terminal Server .

HDD Sheriff

Updated driver and program files for HDD Sheriff cards


Freeware File Transfer program to upload files to websites - Refer Fact Sheet for setting up WS-FTP

Internet Explorer 6 fix 

Fixes problem with IE6 page not being displayed when first open 

PC Inspector

Freeware program for file recovery

Ad-aware A  spam, tracking, hi-jackers removal utility.  Refer Fact Sheet for setting up Ad-aware to run at startup.
Internet Filter Freeware Internet filter - preset URL's, add URL's.
Basic computer Maintenance   Basic maintenance for classroom computers by teachers.
Update DAT files   This is if your computer is not updating automatically from the server and you need to update the McAfee DAT files as a short term measure.

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