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Ensure you have the latest McAfee DAT files downloaded to your workstation.  DAT files are files that contain upgrades to the McAfee program to fix new and known viruses.  These DAT files are upgraded each week and the Department publish them on their website.

There should be a McAfee auto-update icon on all the servers (curriculum and admin)  in each school.  You only need to double click on that icon to run the batch file.  This batch file will automatically link to the DECD site download the latest DAT file and save it to a McAfee folder on the Server.  As users logon to each machine another batch file will run checking and upgrading if necessary the DAT file to their workstation.

If your school needs a copy of the McAfee Virus Scan Engine please contact me.

Also please contact me if you do not have the MacAfee Autoupdate  on your server

Stinger link  Link to the  virus removal tool 

McAfee Fact Sheets:

  • FS1    Updating the McAfee Virus Scan Engine V7.1 for schools
  • FS2    Automatic Update of home or standalone workstation using V7.1
  • FS3    Server Update of McAfee dat files
  • FS4    Scanning your workstation for Viruses
  • FS5    Using the Stinger removal tool to clean viruses.
  • FS6    Disabling System Restore in Windows XP
  • FS7    Updating the McAfee Virus Scan Engine V7.1 for standalone workstations
           Visit the Symantec Website for all known Virus Information and fixes.

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